August 3, 2020

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

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  • Revised Registration Forms for Lincoln, Ne Rally

    Folks! I have been given updated registration forms for the rally for Region C.  Please use the forms below when sending in your registrations.  If you've already sent in your registrations, there is no need to resend.  These have just been revised to clarify some items.  Please let us know if you have any questions.…

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  • Nebraska Grand Tour

    2014 Nebraska Grand Tour NORTH and SOUTH Grand Tour Accross Nebraska - 2014 We have three routes across Nebraska that run from Canada to Mexico and two that come from Texas and end in South Dakota.  The GWTA Grand Tour will consist of you making at least 5 stops along any one or a combination…

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  • Camp-A-Way

    Hello again! If you're like me, you want to camp at the rally and are wondering how the park is laid out. It has come to my attention that their website does not include this layout. While I was in Lincoln last week I stopped in and grabbed a flyer which includes the layout. I…

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  • Region C Rally 2014 – Lincoln, Ne

    Hello! I am writing tonight to let everyone know that the Nebraska Staff had their meeting last Saturday. There are many details in the works that are not finalized just yet however I did take the time to venture over to the host hotel and grab some photos. I am uploading them now. I also…

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  • Upcoming Photos of Lincoln Nebraska

    Someone has posted some photos on our Sharepoint Site of some of the sites in Lincoln. I fully expect more information soon and even more photos but thought I would go ahead and link to them. Let me know if you can't get to the photos. Click Here to link back to Face Book

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  • Region C Rally 2014

    Just released today is the 2014 Region C Rally Registration Form for our rally in Lincoln, Ne. The host hotel will be the Country Inn Suites and the host campground will be the "Camp A Way".  Registration Forms

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