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GWTA Nishna Valley Wings August News Letter

GWTA Nishna Valley Wings August 27, 2017
Meeting called to order by Assistant Director Bambi at 0900. 14 members were in attendance. Announcements: Reminder- September 20-23 is Blues, Bikes and Barbeque in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ruth shared their past adventures of rides and the generosity of their son who lives there. Contact them for more details if you are heading down. Tip of the week: don’t “amour all” your motorcycle seat without telling your co-rider-can lead to falling off! Fall Follies at Gretna on October 28th- more information coming.
Members that attended the Ice cream ride to Bedford reported that it was nice and strawberry shortcake dessert delicious. Treasurer’s report by Mike.
Renewals: if you have renewed and have not received any updates, please contact Pam Beveridge. She has mailed each member a letter requesting verification of current membership and also confirmation if you wish to continue your membership. Pam is working very hard to update the list while National is changing over their software program for memberships. Her address is: 3312 E Shawnee Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50317. Email: bevpx002@gmail.com. Please send her your response.
No further business, the meeting was adjourned at 0930 Pig Game was won by Jack-proceeds to Pig Bank.
2017 Events Date & Time Event Name-Location
All Business Meetings held at Indian Creek Museum unless otherwise noted! Information
If you would like a flyer printed out, let Mary know. Will mail or bring to next meeting.
September 20-23 Bikes, Blues & Barbeque
Fayetteville, Arkansas Bikesbluesand bbq.org or contact Ruth!

September 24 Chapter P Business Meeting
October 22 Chapter P Business Meeting
October 28 Fall Follies-Gretna More to come- contact Barb Mills
November 26 Chapter P Business Meeting
December TBD Chapter P Business Meeting

Nishna Valley Wings- August 27, 2017 meeting