July 21, 2019

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Rider Education Information

Rider Education Information


We are all getting anxious for go riding as the weather changes from winter to spring. I suggest that there are a few things that you might want to check before you mount up and ride.  Here are some suggestions to get your mind going towards the mechanical safety of your bike, and the safety of yourself and passenger.

Things to check start with checking the tires for inflation level, cracks, wear and anything abnormal that would cause you grief while riding.

If you stored your bike last fall without changing the oil in it, you might consider doing that before you start riding. It’s also a good idea to check all the other fluid levels of your bike to make sure they are up to snuff.

As an afterthought of that, if you ride a Gold Wing, you might want to consider changing your antifreeze if it’s been over 2 years since you last did it. The antifreeze develops a PH level that can cause harm to your engine over time if not changed.

Further you might want to make sure that all the lights of your machine are in proper working order. If not, now’s the time to repair them or replace burned out devices.

Have any of you ever thought about checking your safety gear for wear, etc? It might be a good idea. Its condition could be something that will save you some misery if you happen to go down.

I have a pet peeve that I harp about a lot. That’s something called being seen. I heard of numerous accidents while in Texas this winter that indicated to me that folks weren’t being seen. While there, Linda and I rode with a florescent green jackets on and I’m glad we did. Though we didn’t encounter problems, the drivers of cars that passed us became very aware of our being there because of the bright colors. Your safety is important to everyone, and if the cost of a florescent colored vest, at about $12.00, will help you be seen, it’s worth the investment. I have to agree it doesn’t look cool, but I for one would rather be seen than be cool. Drivers all over the country don’t seem to see you in dark colors, why I don’t know, but just the noise or lack thereof of your bike or the lights of your bike don’t seem to be sufficient to get people to see you.

The above is to get your mind starting to think about riding season and what you have to be doing. Please check the GWTA Nebraska Web site for the events going on for your chapter and other chapters in Nebraska.


Ride safe, have fun and enjoy the open road.


Mel Vogt

Nebraska Rider Ed Director