August 3, 2020

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Iowa Spring Rendezvous

Please note, this event has been cancelled…

Hey everyone.……time is getting us quickly and our Iowa state event is rapidly approaching.  If you have not registered for this PLEASE DO SO.  It makes our count for buying food so much easier without having a lot of waste left over.

Elk Horn has a new eating establishment this year and I am told it is “awesome”.  Pizaa, subs., pasta and lots of home baked sweet treats.  We are looking forward to trying it for lunch hopefully.

Here is the registration form.

For those of you that have already registered we do so much appreciate your participation at out once a year event.  We put a lot of time & energy into getting this ready for everyone but without your attendance it is all for nothing.  Looking so forward to seeing all of you in Elk Horn on the 25th of April!!!!


Jr & Karen

Iowa State Directors