July 21, 2019

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

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Nebraska Events

Following is a list of TA events coming up in the next two months. I was negligent in writing down the events discussed in our Spring meeting and only have a couple to share. Please pass this info on to your members and anyone you think may be interested in attending. If you know of additional events that I missed, please feel free to forward to me and everyone on this email.

May 15 – Meet n Greet at Peggy’s House

June 1 – September 30 – Nebraska Grand Tour – NE Blizzard and Other Treats

June 12 and 13 – Region C Rally – County Fair. Poweshieck County Fairground, Grinnell, Iowa.

Please check the GWTA – NE website for more information and registration form for the Grand Tour and Region C Rally. There should be a flyer coming out about the Meet n Greet.

Hope to see you all soon!!

Deb Siepker
NE Director of Special Ops