October 22, 2018

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Region C Rally Update from Judy


HOLY MOLY!!! The Region Rally starts in 10 days! That’s TEN days, folks! If you’re like me, you can’t wait to see everybody and have some TA-style F-U-N! The Iowa State Directors, JR & Karen Green, their Rally Committee, and your Region C Staff are so excited to welcome you to Grinnell and have been hard at work making this a blue-ribbon rally to remember. Karen tells me she’s cooking up a storm preparing that fantastic Saturday breakfast you’ve heard about, and trust me…it’s going to be so good!

Speaking of food…we’ve got you covered! There will be FOOD galore for you right at the fairgrounds…so, shoot…you really won’t have to leave the premises except to ride or go to your hotel room. And, if you ask, we’ll tell you…it’s ALL calorie-free and you won’t have to worry a bit…until maybe June 14th.

Attached to this report is the final Rally Schedule. Please pay special attention to the notices listed at the bottom of the schedule. A copy will be included in your Rally Welcome Packet.
Please Note: NO organized rally activities will take place on Thursday, June 11th. That day is set aside for arrivals, setting up, and catching up; for meeting at a local restaurant for dinner or gathering around the picnic table at your campsite with good friends you may not have seen for the past year. (Oh…I wish I were there right now!) Yep…this schedule is packed with a lot of your favorite rally events plus a whole lot more! We hope you plan to be involved in as many things as you can…it’s the only way to truly have a great time. I, for one, can’t wait for the Friday afternoon and evening events, and the entire Saturday schedule…well, the whole thing, really…it’s going to be so much fun!

Be ready for an early start on Friday morning, June 12th. Omelets prepared by Gary & Betty Smith will be available for a short time and for donation only. Friday’s registration will be the time to sign up to participate in the various events including the King Pageant, the ‘Calling’ Contest, the Bike Show, and to enter your hand-made items into the Juried Competition. Please refer to the previously released rules & regulations you will find still posted on this website for the different competitions and the Midway Games. Opening Ceremonies will begin at 9:30 a.m. and then we’ll be off and running.

On Friday afternoon this year, we will offer an Officers’ Session open to current chapter officers and those members contemplating a chapter position. This workshop will be conducted by our very own Region C members and National Education and Retention Directors, Carol & Mike Brush. And, during the Bike Show…there will be a Ride Captain’s Session led by our Region C Rider Education Directors, Bill & Deb Brem.

The Midway Games tickets will be available for purchase beginning Saturday morning at 10 a.m. for 25 cents each. Your participation will allow the involved chapters and states to make a little money for their treasuries. So please join in, let your hair down…and get into the SPIRIT of the ‘County Fair’.

The Braggin’ Rights Competition will be a ‘can’t miss’ event! The States are invited to enter a TEAM of five to seven members who will alternately participate in four different events. Get your best competitors ready for a good, ol’ fashioned, whipped cream and cow patty-tossing good time!

ATTENTION CHAPTERS: This year we have added something special to Closing Ceremonies. We will take a little time to celebrate the memory of those dear chapter members who have passed away in the last five years. If you would like to honor someone, please designate a member of your chapter to come up when called upon and be prepared to state the deceased members’ name, and the State and Chapter to which they belonged.

Well, I think that’s all we need to tell you right now, except…safe travels, & ”C” Y’ALL REAL SOON!

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