October 22, 2018

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Iowa Chapter P Meeting Minutes

Chapter P Nishna Valley Wings Minutes
Sunday, November 22, 2015
Chapter Director Lowell called the meeting to order at 0930. 16 members and 6 guests in attendance at the Indian Creek Museum. Guests included Jr. and Karen Green; Barb and Ed Mills;and Dave and Denise Telford.
OLD BUSINESS: Discussion held regarding National Annual dues. Motion made by Mike to pay dues. Seconded by Ruth. Motion carried. Registration form completed and signed by Lowell. Mike will send to National. Copy of registration will be sent to Karen Green.
NEW BUSINESS: Karen Green shared the events planned in Iowa. The February 13, 2016, winter fun day will be Iowa’s only fundraiser in 2016. It will be held in Council Bluffs at the MicroTel near the theatres. Register by February 1 to be eligible for the drawing. Flyer coming out soon with more details.
Iowa and Nebraska GWTA Chapters are co-sponsoring a fun run ride on June 18, 2016. Details to come. Barb Mills shared the events and their flyers coming up: GWTA Nebraska Friendship Campout- August 26-28th, 2016;
Lake Country Riders Colorama 2016-September 16,17 &18th, 2016; and Fall Follies 2016 Red White & Blue-November 12, 2016. Flyers will be posted with minutes. Discussion held regarding to hold fun run in 2016. Lowell asked for show of hands- 8 in favor and 5 undecided. Karen Green shared with members how much other chapters enjoy our fun run every year.
Members agreed to host our fun run on July 24th at Indian Creek Museum in 2016. Will start at 10AM, bikes back by 1PM, will hold food drive to stock empty food pantries- more details to come. Hosting family in need for Christmas discussed. Deb, Charlotte, Susan and Mary assigned to find an appropriate family to host. Pass the Hat collection started by Dave Telford. Bryan Sowers invited members and guests to view his Christmas lights.
Due to family events in December, Christmas Party will be held January 8, 2016, at Minden Bowl at 6:30PM. All are invited to Mike’s home afterwards for “dirty bingo”. Please bring a dirty bingo gift- $10 is limit.
No further business-meeting adjourned. Pig Game won by no one-all funds to the Pig.
Next Meeting December 27 at 0900 Indian Creek Museum