April 22, 2019

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

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Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung and it’s time to make your GWTA plans…

…to attend the next Region C Rally, June 9-10, in Colona, IL:

June is right around the corner…have you mailed in your registration? The $35 fee is good until April 30th and will increase to $40 per person as of May 1st. A copy of the registration form is attached for your convenience. Print out a couple of extra forms to give to your fellow chapter members, especially if they have never attended one of these events. If you invite them…they will come! Besides…it is much more fun to attend with a bunch of your chapter members.

Are you looking to ride at this rally? We’ve got some great routes planned up the river road, one as far as Dubuque, another to Galena, and one over the river to Eau Claire, IA, home of the “Pickers”. A couple of the rides will be guided and directions for others will be made available for self-guidance. Whether looking for long or short rides, we will accommodate.

Are you looking to take it easy during the day? If you prefer to stay put and are registered at the campground, you will have access to the on-site, Olympic-sized pool which is under a retractable roof. There’s also a large deck attached to the lodge and a big patio area with picnic tables…perfect for visiting with friends or watching the geese and ducks on the lake. A small café beneath the lodge will be open for a quick snack or forgotten camping supplies.

Looking to be entertained and well-fed? We’ve got you covered! Thursday evening, we’ll have early registration and an Ice Cream Social at the lodge. Friday evening, we’ll have hotdogs, chili, and drinks available for purchase on-site. Then, stick around to participate in, cheer on, or sit back and watch the hilarious ‘States’ Braggin’ Rights Games. Now – that’s entertainment! The Smith’s famous omelet breakfast will be offered on Saturday morning for a free-will donation. And, after a day full of activities including the bike show, dirty bingo, and auction, we’ll sit down to an excellent catered meal right before closing ceremonies.

Are you most interested in seeing a lot of your TA friends in one spot? Well…you’re in luck! There will be an abundance of them attending the Region C Rally and you’ll have ample time to visit with each and every one of your old friends and the opportunity to make new ones, too. You can never have enough great friends…especially ones who love to ride! There’s a reason our motto is ’Destination Friendship’, and speaking of destinations…

…attend the next Gold Rush, July 10-13, in Ft. Collins, CO:

Plans are underway for the National event taking place in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains! Did you submit your GR registration? Go to gwta.org and print the form to mail with a check. Your canceled check will be your receipt. OR…make your credit card payment online and be sure to print the confirmation page which will serve as a receipt. Print out some extra forms for any chapter members who may not have access to a computer or simply forgot to register. Time is ticking away and it will be here before you know it!

Your National Staff and Region Directors recently held a conference call to discuss Gold Rush and assign tasks to prepare the rally activities. It was agreed that we’ll ‘meet’ again around the end of April to secure the schedule and make sure we have an outstanding rally planned for you to enjoy. Thirty years…can you believe it? And, a more appropriate theme could not have been suggested than ‘Making Memories’! How many fond memories do you have of all the past Gold Rushes? How many pictures do you have of all the great moments shared with TA friends?

A slightly different schedule is being discussed to take advantage of the beautiful area we will be visiting. More riding time will be built into the week, and a few novel activities will be introduced to go along with the rally highlights. Stay tuned…details are being worked out. And…you know whatever we do, we’ll have an excellent time! How could we not when in such great company and such gorgeous surroundings? Don’t miss the experience of GR XXX!

There have been questions and it is correct – there is NO host hotel for this year’s rally. However, some activities will be scheduled to take place at the Residence Inn by Marriott and/or the Courtyard Inn, both in the same vicinity. You won’t go wrong making reservations to stay at either of these properties. If you’re camping at the Lakeside KOA, you’ll be a nice 20 minute ride from the hotels. A larger venue within Ft. Collins is being considered for Opening Ceremonies if needed.

We can’t thank retiring Executive Director, Bruce Keenon, and wife, Linda, enough for their hard work in closing down the old office and consenting to stay on until the July 9th Board Meeting to help make plans for Gold Rush and continue overseeing the National office duties. Nineteen plus years of caring for our organization and great efforts to keep TA going and moving into the future…how gracious and magnanimous! Please let them know your appreciation.

The Board of Directors will appoint a new Executive Director at the Board Meeting prior to the rally. If you or someone you know is interested in this position, there is still time to submit a self-nominating form and letter to Larry Oswald, the new Chairman of the Board. The instructions and form regarding this position can be found on the website, gwta.org.

Several other Board positions are open for self-nomination and will be voted on by the membership later this year including one affecting our Region, the Lifetime Board Representative. Again, if you or someone you know is interested, please submit the application which can be found on the website, gwta.org. Take the step…be involved!

A couple of notes: If you haven’t heard, we have a new Touring News Editor, Sarah Dumais, from TN-A, and really appreciate her taking on this important task. She is currently working on a brand new issue and it will be available soon on the TA website. You may submit pictures and articles for future use to Sarah’s email: sdumais812@hotmail.com

In case you were wondering, all new memberships or renewals may still be made with a credit card through gwta.org (print your confirmation) OR by mailing a check and form to GWTA, PO Box 42403, Indianapolis, IN 46242-0403.

*If you need a Membership Card or have any questions or concerns regarding Region C or GWTA, please contact me: Judy Schaefer, Region C Director, gwta.regc.judy@att.net
HAPPY Spring and SAFE riding!