June 15, 2019

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A Letter From Jack May

To all my Family in the region we all call the home of “C”:
We recently held our annual Region C rally here in Colona, IL. We always welcome everyone in our family to join us wherever the gathering happens. This year has been very special for us in Chapter H of Illinois. Hopefully you enjoyed the planned rides and it was our pleasure to serve you at the Tailgate party.
The main reason I decided to write this, is the generosity of our entire family that attended. Last year Chapter H decided to support Mississippi Bend Tyrkes. No I didn’t misspell Trykes. This organization supplies special designed Trikes for special needs children. MBT is the local chapter of Ambus. Started a little over two years ago, we have already supplied 46 trikes. There is no financial burden to the families. This next weekend, we are having a public build for the first time with media coverage. Hoping for the best.
Sorry to ramble. It’s very tough to thank all of you. My passion for this organization runs very deep in my soul. I tried before the auction, but the words didn’t flow well. It’s hard to keep from crying when we have friends from all over the Midwest that help when needed. Region C raised $ 2008.00. This amount is enough for three Trikes. Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!
From all here at Chapter H, we Thank You.
Please always be safe and we will see you on the road somewhere in the future.

Jack May
Director, Chapter H Illinois