April 22, 2019

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

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Thank-You Region C

THANK YOU, Region C!

From the very beginning, it was the intention of the current Region C Staff and I to provide you with fun events to attend…on 2, 3, or 4 wheels. From Lincoln, Nebraska, to Grinnell, Iowa, and from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, to Colona, Illinois…you have reciprocated by showing up and keeping this Region strong with your participation and your generosity! The Region wouldn’t be where it is today without you, so…thank you!

Thank you, Region C Staff, for your hard work and willingness to help make Region C fun! Love you….Laurie Eichelberger, Linda & Mel Vogt, Paula & Daren Fleischman, Gary & Betty Smith, Peggy Hakanson & Dwayne Lucht, Sherri & Jeryl Vonderheid, Pam & Bob Beveridge, and Jim & Jamie Caffrey; former staff Karen & JR Green, Bill & Deb Brem, and Gladys & Dave Berkemeier; and Jereomy Frum, too! You are the best!

Thank you, Region C members…because of you, the Region is solvent and will carry on. With the leadership of your next Directors, Jack & Joyce May (IL-H), you will continue to gather and have fun in the name of GWTA! Please support Jack & Joyce in their endeavors as they assemble their Region C Staff and make plans for the next year and beyond. They will need your support in order to continue the great Region traditions and your suggestions to come up with new and exciting things to do!

The Region and GWTA are here for you! But, we need your support and good faith in the organization to continue. Please help grow your chapters whether you’re a life member or a two-year member. Without new members coming in, without renewals…the GWTA FUN and FAMILY may disappear! If you love this organization as I do, please help us grow into the FUTURE, at all levels – chapter, state, region, and national!

It takes all of us working together to stay strong! If you step outside of your comfort zone and serve your chapter in a new position, or step up to help at the State or Regional level…you help keep TA going. If you step outside your comfort zone and attend a different TA event you’ve never attended before…you help keep TA strong! We need ALL members to step up to a new level. The personal rewards you’ll receive are great and immeasurable, and you gain lifetime FRIENDSHIPS! That is our destination…

Thank you, Bruce Keenon, for your 19 plus years of service and dedication to GWTA, and for paving the way as I attempt to fill big shoes as the next Executive Director.
Thank you, Region C! It has been an honor to serve as your Region Director for the past 3 ½ years. I’m very proud to say I come from Illinois-Chapter B, Illinois, and Region C, and I won’t forget my roots! It’s because of you that I’m willing to take on this position. You all have taught Phil and I so much…about GWTA, about tour motorcycling, about friendship, and what it means when we say, ‘love my TA family!’

LOVE you all!

Outgoing Region C Director,
Judy Schaefer