Tires and Batteries

It’s not to early to start thinking about the repairs or service your bike may need for the upcoming riding season. If you didn’t make a list last Fall, perhaps you should look at your
service record and see what is due.

The three basic things are lights, how old is your battery and check your tires. We all want to
be seen when out on the road. Wear bright reflective clothing and be sure all the lights on
your bike are working.

There is nothing more frustrating and sometimes embarrassing to come
out of a restaurant whether it is by yourself or with your group and your
bike doesn’t start because your battery is dead. It could be as simple as
loose battery cables, but often you need a new battery.
Keep in mind that the surface contact your tires have
with the road is very small compared to the overall size of your tires.
Proper air pressure and tread depth are very important to the safety of
your ride.

When riding around your community/city or just riding the highways in your local area here is
an idea to get some information on things to look for or be aware of. These are suggestions
from a Retired Police Officer of 40 years. He would encourage riders to speak to their local
“LEOs” (Law Enforcement Officers) in regards to potential hazards to riders in their jurisdiction.
You may get information of how to avoid moving and equipment violations that officers
commonly cite. LEOs are busy these days, however, most enjoy an opportunity to educate the
public on safety. It also allows us to get to know one another. Some areas have “coffee with a
cop” and similar programs to pass information both ways. Having all the right training and
equipment and speaking to a LEO doesn’t guarantee absolute safety, but it beats not doing

This reminds me of the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Eldon Ogorzolka, Nebraska RED

Author: Jereomy Frum